Viv and Ingrid, Co. - Berkely, CA

Family Store - Long Beach, CA

Shop Merci Milo - Los Angeles, CA

Hello Penngrove - Penngrove, CA

Black Bird Bookstore - San Francisco, CA

Global Eye Art Collective - Santa Yzez, CA

Maiden South - Bainbridge, GA

Dustmade - Moultrie, GA

Colored Squid Gallery - Barrington, IL

Encore - Springfield, IL

Kae Apothecary - Lison, IA

Red Pineapple - Honolulu, HI

Quill and Feather - Kailua KonaHI 

Wonder Fair Gallery - Lawrence, KS

Fifty Home - Concord, NH

Present - Bradley Beach, NJ

Perch Home - Maplewood, NJ

Scout Design Shop - Long Beach, NY

Anchored Designs - Onekama, MI

Tayla Mac LLC - Kittery, ME

The Lake + Co. Shop - Grand Rapids, MN

Natural Food Co-op - Litchfield, MN

The Root Cellar - Rochester, MN

Unearthed Arts - Waconia, MN

Minnesota Marine Art Museum - Winona, MN

oPip Mercantile - Cincinnati, OH

The Spotted Goose Co. - Cincinnati, OH

Peppypotamus - Eugene, OR

La Niche Boutique - Hegesville, WV

Plant Based Goods LLC - Madison, WI

KEPS naturals - Sparta, WI

Watermelon Tree - Fort Langley, British Columbia Canada