I fell in love with making crayons by accident. I began experimenting with crayons shortly after my own children made their first scribble. I started by blending mineral pigments with different textures of natural soy wax. Not too many people have a special connection to soy, but I do. My grandfather was a soybean farmer in rural Minnesota. I grew up watching these plants grow in his backyard. Throughout the summer this lovely plant becomes full until the whole field is a brilliant green. This image was inspiring to me. I worked on my crayons until they were just as brilliant and beautiful as the memory from where they came. I poured my crayons into shapes that inspired a love for nature.

In 2010 I sold my first box of crayons on Etsy. Since then my little craft business has grown. I've added designs and colors to my line and am constantly exploring new ideas for crayons. My hope is that Earth Grown Crayons inspires a connection to all things living and lovely, like it does for me.